Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rosette headband

Fabric rosettes have been all the rage the last 6 mo's. You see them on hair clips, headbands, necklaces, clothes, frames, etc.

A clothing designer I like (Lil Blue Boo) posted a pic of her daughter in an adorable Easter outfit last month. I loved it instantly and wanted it for my daughter. I had the pants already, so I ordered the tshirt to go with them. She was wearing a cute rosette headband, so I figured I'd make something for her hair. I usually just do single rosettes on a clip, so that was what I was planning. Then I had a customer ask if I'd do a rosette headband for her. I figured I better make one and see if I liked how it turned out before I agreed.'s what I ended up with ;)

And here she is in that precious outfit! Isn't it cute?!? And I love that everything on her was made by a SAHM!! Well...the Toms weren't, but the rest was ;)

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