Thursday, April 22, 2010

A tutu worthy of Fancy Nancy

I had an old childhood friend contact me with a special assignment. Her daughter was given an assignment at school to dress as her favorite book character. Well right away her daughter knew what she wanted to be, but her Mom needed to figure out the costume. She sent a note asking if there was any way I could make a skirt or tutu that could be worn as part of a Fancy Nancy costume. SURE THING! One purple tutu with a big red bow coming right up ;)

I made it, shipped it, and anxiously waited to hear what her little sweetie thought of it. She jumped for joy when it arrived and couldn't wait to wear it. Her Mom even reported that she didn't want to take it off (Mom was a little concerned it would be ruined by the time the day arrived where it needed to be worn to school...hee hee!).

The big day finally arrived where she got to wear her Fancy Nancy outfit to school and she was so proud of it! Can't you tell by this picture? I think she makes a pretty cute Fancy Nancy ;)

Rumor has it she's already planning out her next tutu that she wants me to make! How cute is that?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

My favorite little model...

It would probably be pretty bad if my own kiddo didn't rock some homemade clothes by her Mama, right? Sometimes that seems to be what happens though. I spend so much time making things for other people that I don't have enough time to make stuff for my own kiddo. It's springtime in TX though and that means it's Bluebonnet time. It was the perfect excuse to make sure I made her entire outfit. So, here you have it. Shirred dress with ribbon ties, matching hair bow, and the cutest little bloomers ever!!

Have I mentioned how much I love embroidered bloomers? I thought they were adorable when she was a baby, but I REALLY like them now. She's at that age where she's all over the place. I could be boring and dress her in pants all the time, but that's not how I roll ;) So...instead she has on cute bloomers that don't mind peeking out when she decides her dress belongs up around her waist! haha!