Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas outfits

I love this time of the year! There are so many fabric options for cute Christmas outfits!

- Initial ornament shirt with matching skirt.

And a little model showing off her outfit :)

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Key fobs....

These are probably my favorite little gift to give. They're super useful, easy to customize, and small enough to ship without paying a fortune. They're great for small gifts from your child to their Teacher, Grandma, babysitter, etc.

Everyone I have ever made one for has absolutely loved it!

It's Halloween time...

I love all the cute clothes that come with Halloween. If only I had more time on my hands... my kiddo would probably have a cute Halloween outfit to wear daily from now until then ;) I have so many cute Halloween embroidery files that I'd love to be making a new shirt daily!

Witch applique shirt and skirt to match

Pumpkin cupcake applique

T-shirt frenzy

I have had a ton of orders for t-shirts lately. They're so fun to make and I love seeing kiddos strolling around town in them :)

Here are some of the designs I've been working on lately...

It's been a while...

It's not that I haven't been crafting my little heart out. I just haven't had time to make stuff AND post ;)

So...the next few post will be what I've been up to lately!

NEW BLOOMERS :) Aren't they precious?!? There's nothing cuter then a little girl bending over and cutesy bloomers peeking out. Or when they decide (like they always seem to do) that their dress belongs up over their head while out in public. At least their panties/diaper will be covered up!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Flower clips

I've been having fun with these clips lately. Every time my kiddo wears them I get a ton of compliments. In honor of that I'm going to run a special on them this month...3 for $21! They're normally $8 each. Email me if you would like to order any:

Loving these bloomers...

I wonder why it's so fun to make bloomers?!?! Maybe because they're so tiny and cute? Or that I can mix it up just a little bit, but it makes such a difference on them? Who knows, but I LOVE THEM!

Here are 2 more I made this week :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bloomers, bloomers, and more bloomers!

I keep getting questions about what kind of designs can go on bloomers. Depending on the size of the design almost anything can be put on the back of bloomers. I tend to stick with a name or initial though so it's easy to see if and when your little cutie decides it's time to pull up her skirt or dress. haha! Here are some of my favorites...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Calling all chefs :)

I'm loving these aprons! I think they're such a fun way to spice up your time in the kitchen. If you're anything like me you need all the help you can get when it comes to the kitchen ;)

Hola Dora...

Look at this little cutie in her Dora birthday shirt. Isn't she cute? Her Mama said she was oh so excited when she saw her shirt. That makes me happy! That's what this business is all about...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A tutu worthy of Fancy Nancy

I had an old childhood friend contact me with a special assignment. Her daughter was given an assignment at school to dress as her favorite book character. Well right away her daughter knew what she wanted to be, but her Mom needed to figure out the costume. She sent a note asking if there was any way I could make a skirt or tutu that could be worn as part of a Fancy Nancy costume. SURE THING! One purple tutu with a big red bow coming right up ;)

I made it, shipped it, and anxiously waited to hear what her little sweetie thought of it. She jumped for joy when it arrived and couldn't wait to wear it. Her Mom even reported that she didn't want to take it off (Mom was a little concerned it would be ruined by the time the day arrived where it needed to be worn to school...hee hee!).

The big day finally arrived where she got to wear her Fancy Nancy outfit to school and she was so proud of it! Can't you tell by this picture? I think she makes a pretty cute Fancy Nancy ;)

Rumor has it she's already planning out her next tutu that she wants me to make! How cute is that?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

My favorite little model...

It would probably be pretty bad if my own kiddo didn't rock some homemade clothes by her Mama, right? Sometimes that seems to be what happens though. I spend so much time making things for other people that I don't have enough time to make stuff for my own kiddo. It's springtime in TX though and that means it's Bluebonnet time. It was the perfect excuse to make sure I made her entire outfit. So, here you have it. Shirred dress with ribbon ties, matching hair bow, and the cutest little bloomers ever!!

Have I mentioned how much I love embroidered bloomers? I thought they were adorable when she was a baby, but I REALLY like them now. She's at that age where she's all over the place. I could be boring and dress her in pants all the time, but that's not how I roll ;) So...instead she has on cute bloomers that don't mind peeking out when she decides her dress belongs up around her waist! haha!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Another happy customer...

I absolutely LOVE it when I get pictures of happy kiddos in their KK attire!
Say hello to Xander :) Isn't he a doll?!?

Shirts, shirts, and more shirts...

Here are some of the shirts I've done lately.

Number applique with embroidered name

Heart and crossbones applique

Minnie Mouse applique with embroidered name

Heart applique with initial
Number applique with embroidered name

St. Patty's shirt

Circle applique with initial applique with embroidered name
Number applique
Letter applique
Letter applique with embroidered name

I'm realizing I need some much better lighting in my office when it comes to taking pictures. These pictures are all so dark :(


Monday, March 15, 2010

A perfect shirt for this little girl!

I think this might be my favorite design so far! This little girls Mama had a specific idea of what she wanted her daughter to wear for this photo shoot. I set out looking for the perfect image and I think it worked out great! She looks so stinkin cute in it, doesn't she?

Here's a close up of the design...