Monday, February 22, 2010

Holy Batman!!

I have a friend that asked me to make Batman capes for her son's birthday party favors. Many, many, many capes later I finally finished the order. I was lucky enough to be at the birthday party when she handed the capes out to the kids. It was AWESOME! The kids were so excited to get a cape. They put them on immediately and started running around "flying". It made all the hard work totally worth it!

This is how she presented them. They had this adorable tag on them that said
"Thanks for being SUPER!"

I made these shirts for the birthday boy and his little sister to wear at the party!
They looked so cute :)


Jessica said...

I got your link from Shanyn who ordered X's 3rd tee. Anyway, I LOVE these capes and those shirts. I see a superhero themed party in my boys futures...

Chrystyna said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! The capes were a huge hit with the kids. Everyone who has ordered one has said how much fun their kiddos have had with them!